Pizza-Making Class Experience

Learn our secrets behind artisan pizza making
& enjoy your hand-crafted pizza in our restaurant or at home in our Pizza-Making Class

craft and dough pizza-making class experience workshop

Pizza Masterclass

Our pizza making classes last for 1 hour and are priced at £20 per person, including all ingredients & a pizza to enjoy either on site or at home.

You’ll learn everything you need to know in order to make pizza like our professional Craft & Dough chefs. During the pizza-making class, you’ll be shown how to make hand-stretched pizza, just like how we do it at Craft & Dough. Using freshly made dough, you’ll stretch out pizzas, choose your favourite toppings & then bake them at the highest heat to get the characteristic hand rolled crust.

Suitable for everyone from beginners through to expert home pizzaiolos, our pizza masterclasses cover everything from what flour to use to how to stretch, top & cook fantastic artisan pizza.

What is included?

1 hour of pizza making

Hands on experience with our chefs

Professional tips at every stage of dough production

Create your own pizza with using any number of tasty toppings or recreate one from our Craft & Dough menu

No washing up!

Dough recipe to take home with you

Your hand-crafted pizza to enjoy on site or at home

Maximum of 6 people per class

Ready to get kneading?




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